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Many churches and Christian Groups are finding The Little Church in the Pines to be ideally located for conferences and retreats.  We are only about a block from the Lake, Boat Rentals, Restaurants, Groceries, and Shopping.

We are located at an elevation of approx. 3600 feet and receive some snow in the winter months, but it is rare when the weather interferes with traffic.

We have parking for RV’s (see photos) and can accommodate tent camping and the use of our “Upper Room” for a limited number of sleepers.

We offer our Fellowship Hall, which will accommodate about 100 diners and a patio dining area for another 20-30.  Patio and parking area are often used for Barbecues, but we have a kitchen of commercial proportions, as well.

We have an outdoor stage with electrical hookups for sound equipment and lighting.

Our sanctuary is also available for use except on Sundays.

If you desire upscale sleeping accommodations or restaurant service, hotel and restaurant service is within walking distance of our conference/meeting rooms.

Please call our church office for pricing and reservation information.

(559) 642-3243